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Thunderbrook Meadow Nuts 20kg

Thunderbrook Meadow Nuts 20kg

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Thunderbrook Meadow Nuts are a great complementary forage feed for horses. Our meadows are comprised of traditional grasses, such as Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cocksfoot, Golden Foxtail, Golden Oatgrass, Meadow Fescue, Red Fescue, Smooth Common Meadowgrass and Timothy. We never use modern Hybrid Ryegrasses or chemical fertilisers, and our Meadow Nuts are tested pesticide and herbicide free. We allow our meadows to reach a mature stage, which helps to ensure a lower sugar and higher fibre content. We also only cut our meadows once or twice per year, unlike most grass production farms. Our 8mm nuts are ideal for treat balls and are perfect for horses prone to laminitis. Plus, they are naturally grown and not treated with any chemicals. 

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