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Thunderbrook Organic Meadow Nuts 20kg

Thunderbrook Organic Meadow Nuts 20kg

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Thunderbrook Organic Meadow Nuts are an ideal complementary forage feed for horses, containing low sugar and starch levels and a high fibre content. Each nut is composed of 100% dried organic meadow grasses and herbage, biodiverse and mixed species, which are warm air dried, dust extracted, ground, and compressed into 10mm nuts. The typical analysis of Organic Meadow Nuts includes 6.4% moisture, 34.98% crude fibre, 7.07% crude protein, 1.06% crude fat, 5.53% sugar, and 1.86% starch. This feed is cut from in excess of 1,000 acres and may have slight variations in analysis and appearance due to the time of cut, weather, and location of field.

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