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TopSpec Digestive Aid

TopSpec Digestive Aid

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TopSpec Digestive Aid is scientifically-proven to stimulate and maintain natural digestive health for horses. It contains high levels of probiotic yeast and prebiotic MOS, plus Vitamin B12, which are especially beneficial for horses that have strenuous exercise regimes, high-concentrate/low-forage diets, or have been stressed. The supplement also helps restore normal digestive function after worming and antibiotic treatments, which can reduce microbial amounts in the hind gut. What's more, the palatable blend of powerful yet nutritious ingredients, grass, and mint leaves makes the supplement both tasty and appetizing. Furthermore, it is compliant with HRA and FEI competition regulations, and can be administered to horses involved in dressage and eventing, which are prone to loose droppings due to hind gut imbalance from stress or fiber deficiency.

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