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Verm-X Original Liquid For Horses & Ponies

Verm-X Original Liquid For Horses & Ponies

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Verm-X is a natural, palatable, and easy-to-use supplement that helps maintain intestinal hygiene. It creates an environment in the gut that can help expel potential challenges. Unlike chemical products, Verm-X is designed to stay active throughout the year, keeping your horse healthy. The herbs used in our equine formula help cleanse the blood and keep the gut functioning properly. We recommend having regular fecal checks to avoid unnecessary treatment. Verm-X is ideal for horses and ponies sensitive to pharmaceutical chemicals and can be used all year round. There are no known resistances to Verm-X. This convenient, natural, and palatable supplement is a great way to keep your horse's intestinal wellbeing in check, without having to use syringes. All forms of Verm-X should be fed as instructed depending on the size of the horse: Liquid: 12.5ml or 25ml per day, Pellets: 25g or 50g per day, Powder: 8g or 12g per day.

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