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Woof Wear

Woof Wear Mud Fever Boot Black / Turquoise

Woof Wear Mud Fever Boot Black / Turquoise

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The Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boot is an innovative, breathable boot that seals the horse's leg from the knee to the base of the heel to keep mud and other debris out. Featuring a waterproof and breathable fabric around the cannon bone to help prevent overheating, and a close-fitting hoof capsule with Kevlar reinforced heel protection for brushing protection, these boots are sure to keep your horse's legs clean and dry. Tips for dealing with mud fever: Never scratch the scabs, as it can lead to further infection Clean gently with a mild anti-bacterial shampoo and make sure the leg is as dry as possible before applying healing creams Regularly clean grooming brushes to prevent bacteria buildup Avoid using dirty horse boots, sharing horse boots, and not washing hands after cleaning any mud fever infected area The Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boot is machine washable at 30 degrees and comes in MXW (Medium Extra Wide) size. Sold in pairs, these boots are perfect for front and hind legs.

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