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15 Funny Race Horse Names

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There are strict rules regarding the naming of racehorses, and we have explained these in a previous blog. But despite these, many owners have come up with wonderfully amusing names which will always raise a laugh. Here are just some of the funniest names which have made it past the authorities.

Funniest Race Horse Names

  • Better Than Sex - a commentator’s nightmare but this name got approval even though the racing authorities generally frown on sexual innuendo. Go figure!
  • Iwinyougetnothing – was someone feeling suitably smug after a court case or even divorce proceedings? Hopefully this horse proved to be a winner otherwise the joke would have fallen rather flat.
  • Whykickamoocow – heaven only knows what the story behind this one was!
  • Hoof Hearted – you might have to say it a few times to get it but think flatulence! Race commentators clearly had to take care with their pronunciation.
  • Geespot – another sexual reference which somehow managed to get approval.
  • Myexwifesashes – the mind boggles! Was this a tribute to a much-loved spouse or another way of saying good riddance to bad rubbish?
  • Wearthefoxhat – this one was rejected. Say it quick to see why it might have caused offence.
  • Sofa Can Fast – this name originally passed muster was later banned as a potential obscenity. You might have to repeat this a few times to see what we mean.
  • Attention Shoppers – not ostensibly hilarious but imagine what this name sounded like called out over a tannoy! Racecourse announcers would not have appreciated the joke!
  • DoReMeFaSoLaTiDo – another name that is far from popular with commentators. However fans of The Sound of Music love it .
  • Aarrrrrrr – ideal for commentators with a west country accent! It’s a Pity this name didn’t have ooh as a prefix!
  • Blow Me – the racing authorities clearly didn’t see the naughty side of this one back in 1945.
  • Hahahahahaha – why? What a complete nightmare for anyone calling the race!
  • Givemeanothername – someone clearly had a sense of humour failure regarding the naming regulations.
  • Horsey McHorseface – this Australian horse won its first race. You can’t help wondering if the commentator managed to call the race without disintegrating into a fit of the giggles.

Future Funny Names

Can you think of any amusing new names for racehorses which could be pass approval? Check out the racehorse naming rules and restrictions in our previous blog post. Let us know your ideas and we will create our hit parade of brilliant names for future stars!


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